The Town of Kawagoe in Saitama earned itself the nickname "Ko-Edo" or little Edo, in the days when it prospered as the provider of Edo's foodstuffs. Today, the workers at COEDO lovingly continue this traditioin each day as they brew beer. 

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COEDO Beniaka

Fermented for an extended period, this premium lager features an aromatic sweetness in its amber tones. With the combination of high quality malts, roasted sweet potatoes and beer craftsmanship, this beer is unique to the Bushu area, using Kawagoe's famous produce, Kintoki sweet potatoes. Take the time to fully enjoy its full flavours and the slightly elevated alcohol content. Called "Beniaka" meaning Crimson Red, in honour of the colours of the sweet potatoes which helped produce it.


Style: Spice/Herb/Vegetable

Bitterness: Low-Medium

Vol: 333ml

ABV: 7%

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The feature of this non-filtered wheat beer is it's bright, smooth, slightly cloudy appearance. Through the use of wheat malt and specially chosen yeast, this refreshing brew with fruity overtones, boasts a full bodied, yet smooth texture, which glides easily down the throat. With its distinctly individual flavour and smooth elegance, it has been named "Shiro" meaning white.


Style: Wheat

Bitterness: Low

Vol: 333ml

ABV: 5.5%