Hong Kong Beer Co.

Hong Kong Beer Co. was launched as Asia’s first craft brewery to sell beer exclusively in bottles and kegs. Established in 1995 as South China Brewing Company, the current name was adopted in 2003. HKBC was acquired in 2013 by Devin Otto Kimble and Daniel Flores, the two founders of Singapore’s multiple award-winning Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery, which they opened in 1997. HKBC sources the finest malts, hops, and yeasts from around the world but water is, of course, a local ingredient, and it is carbon-filtered and mineral-adjusted according to the style being made.

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Hong Kong Beer - White Pearl

Their interpretation of a Belgian white ale has a decidedly "Pearl River Delta" character. The generous amount of wheat malt, a bevy of local ingredients (including Mandarin orange peel, rose buds and honey) plus our special yeast give this pale straw-colored, unfiltered beer a refreshingly complex tart and citrusy flavor with a hint of honey and infused aromatics.

Style: White Ale
Vol: 330%
ABV: 5.0%

Hong Kong Beer Co. Big Wave Bay

Dry-hopped, traditional West Coast India Pale Ale with a freshness and balance that can only be found in a locally brewed beer. Its robust flavors sit on a rich base of malt, complimented by bracing bitterness, and the lingering citrus and pine aromas of American Cascade hops.


Made for big, bold dishes with lots Szechuan peppers and the spice and heat of fiery curries, it also matches well with a sharp cheddar.


Style: IPA

Bitterness: Low-Medium

ABV: 7.0%

Vol: 330ml