We believe, beer should not be market-oriented and more importantly, should not have only one single and boring taste. The craft beer brew by all natural ingredients that can actually bring you so much enjoyment on the sense of taste and smell. The combinations of fragrant, malty and bittersweet are beyond our wildest dreams. We are here to tell you: Do not drink for alcohol, drink for lifestyle.

We, three young men who have three different paths and career gather up due to beer. We challenge nowadays single but boring taste of beer only by our fearless courage. We wonder, why the beer that hongkongers drink must be brew by foreigners. Why foreigners must have the right to judge the standard of a good beer? Now we dare ourselves to brew a better craft beer than the general market. Mak’s beer is going to be a new and unique cultural and creative industry. It will tell you all what is a real Hong Kong beer!

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Mak's Longan Pale Ale

Previously a seasonal Yim Tin Beer with a sound sales record, it is now officially a fullmember of Maks’ Beer. Using top-graded dried Longan, quality wolfberries and preservedfruits, this original pale ale delivers a complexed and well-balanced taste with very distinctcharacter.

Style: Pale ale
ABV: 5.5%
Vol: 330ml

Mak’s Yim Tin Beer

Our first beers are initially available in Yim Tin Tsai and hence named as Yim Tin. Every wort is brewed by whole grain which smells very fruity while tastes delicately of malt and tangerine. All beers are hand made and absolute fresh. 

Style: Belgium Wheat Ale
ABV: 4.7%
Vol: 330ml