Tai Wai Beer

Tai Wai Beer – the brew for your crew
This is where our story begins: Taiwai - it is not only a place full of our brewer’s childhood memories, but also a local phrase that embodies the meaning of togetherness and sharing among friends. 

Devoted to create a line-up with distinctive yet non-peculiar taste that bubbles with gentle and layered flavours, our brewer has been making relentless attempts in brewing and improving our very own beer, by incorporating traditional methods with innovative elements. Our beer is crafted with an aspiration that everyone can taste our characters and sincerity in a sip. 

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Tai Wai No1. Pilsner

A floral German Pilsner which ferments in low temperature, infused with selected chamomile flowers that presents an elegant and crisp character. Perfect in hot summer or anytime ou need a cool beer.

Style: Germen Pilsner
ABV: 5.1%
Vol: 330ml

Tai Wai No2. Amber Ale

Classic English ale with flavourful roasted malts and aromatic hops. Well-balanced of bergamot and malt flavours with a delicate bitterness from our selected earl grey loose tea. 

Style: Amber Ale 
ABV: 5.2%
Vol: 330ml