Hill Cider

In 2010, Steve Dorman and Tobias Kline launched The Hills Cider Company, with a goal of producing Australia’s best cider.


Our passionate search for Australia’s highest quality fruit led us to our own Adelaide hills backyard and its generations of apple and pear growers. After a number of years experimenting with fruit varietals, blends and styles, we launched our now 

renowned and awarded range of ciders.


Proudly Australian made and owned, The Hills Cider Company takes pride in using 100% fresh Australian farmed fruit. 100% of our fruit is sourced from growers in the Adelaide Hills region. Hand crafted in small batches with minimal intervention, we use 100% fresh fruit – we never add concentrate, sugar, flavour or water. Our artisan approach produces ciders that are crisp, dry, fresh and fruit driven. A true representation of real cider.


We believe in supporting local – from the farmers 

that grow our fruit to the pubs that pour our cider. 

Our philosophy is simple—support local, drink local.

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Hills Apple Cider

Made from 100% Fresh Adelaide Hills Apples, fruit driven style, filtered bright straw colour, great acid backbone, vanilla, lime/sherbet characters shine through the pallet that actually tastes like real apples!
Well balanced, complex, clean, lightly carbonated cider that finishes dry and fresh making you want more...

Style: Cider
ABV: 5%
Vol: 330 ml

Hills Cider Pear

Made from 100% Fresh Adelaide Hills 

Pears, clean, spicy notes, crisp fruit 

driven style, bright vibrant green/pale 

straw, with great real fruit 

Pear complexities.


Perfectly balanced skin extraction, 

luscious mouth fill, great length 

with a drying finish. Always looking 

for the next sip!!!


Style: Pear Cider

Sweetness: Medium-Low

ABV: 5%

Vol: 330ml