Gluten-Free Beer

Gluten-free beer is beer made from ingredients that do not contain gluten. People who have gluten intolerance (including celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis sufferers) have a reaction to certain proteins in the grains commonly used to make beer, barley and wheat. The hordein found in barley and the gliadin found in wheat are types of gluten that can trigger symptoms in sufferers of these diseases. Gluten-free beer is part of a gluten-free diet.

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Estrella Daura (Gluten Free)

Estrella Damm is the predominant brewery in Catalunya. Daura is the gluten free version of Estrella Damm. This golden lager style beer is crisp and refreshing. It currently holds the title of "best gluten free beer in the world" having won the category three years running at the International Beer Awards in London.  They use a special technique developed to remove the gluten and there is less than 3 ppm in the beer, which makes it safe for people with Celiac disease to drink. 

Style: Pale lager
Vol: 330ml
ABV: 5.4%