Hong Kong has its good gourmet goodness, but we've brought in something special, deli chips, confectioneries, biscuits, and sauce and vinegar from overseas that will surely impress you.

Gourmet crisps are a bit more special than the commercial varieties, just look at the flavours!! Sea Salt and Balsamic Vingear?? Dijon Mustard and Honey? Fire Roasted Chilli and Sea Salt? And the taste is just amazing, if you've been impressed with craft beers, you'll be impressed with our collection of gourmet crisps. 

Our list of confectioneries and biscuits were chosen by the good community of expatriates here in Hong Kong (you know who you are - thank you for participating). The list of confectioneries and biscuits we've chosen has been a part of our childhood, and the general consensus is that we want to share these experiences with everyone here in Hong Kong.

Apart from snacks, we have also brought you some very nice sauce and vinegar from Australia! Including those made by Maggie Beer, the famous Aussie chef! Hope you enjoy them.