Cadbury Bars

Cadbury is a brand with a long history in Australia and a passionate commitment to making everyone feel happy.

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Cadbury Picnic bar

Cadbury Picnic bar is one of the oldest and most-loved bars in the Cadbury chocolate bar range. It’s probably the favourite son, but we’re not really meant to say that sort of thing. It’s gone through some changes over the years, but essentially looks and tastes as good as it did when they perfected it back in 1958. If you’re into nuts and wafer and chocolate and rice crisps and caramel, then BAM! You have come to the right spot. 

Size: 46g

Cherry Ripe

The ripe juicy cherries and moist coconut smothered in rich 'Old Gold' Dark Chocolate ensures a unique taste experience. As Australia's oldest and most loved chocolate bar, Cherry Ripe offers consumers an indulgent and rich treat. 

Size: 52g

Cherry Ripe Double Dipped

Ripe juicy cherries and coconut lusciously double dipped in old gold rich dark chocolate. 

Size: 47g


A golden honeycombed centre surrounded by delicious Cadbury milk chocolate. Launched way back in 1929, Crunchie is a Cadbury classic. Get that Friday Feeling!


Size: 50g


The process for making Flake is a closely guarded secret and no other chocolate manufacturer has ever managed to recreate it. That's why no other chocolate bar can rival the delicate, crumbly texture of a Flake.


Size: 30g