Biltong is a very popular snack in Southern Africa. If you've ever spent time in Southern Africa (and you're not a vegetarian) you've probably tried biltong. Biltong is similar to beef jerky in that it's all meat -- chewy, salty, raw meat. The difference is that biltong is dried, not smoked (like beef jerky). The WILD JERKY series has four dried meat products, three of which are made from game meat –elk, wild boar, deer – and beef as the traditional meat. All the products differ in taste, aroma and structure. Since these four animals are all quite different in their diet, the nuance of flavour to the meat is the food that the animals themselves eat.

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Biltong Chief Chilli Bites 50g

These tasty chillli bites will add the spice to your life that you have been looking for. Without a doubt the best chilli bites you will ever taste.

Biltong Chief Sliced Original 50g

Pre-sliced original biltong is perfect for eating on the go. Popular to take on day trips, as a snack at your office desk, or to add to your snack platter.