Sauce, Oil and Vinegar

We have brought you some very good sauce, olive oil and vinegar from Australia! Ever heard of the famous Aussie chef Maggie Beer? Yes, we have some amazing sauce and fruit paste made by her. We also have the award-winning oil and vinegar produced in Robinvale, Australia. Still thinking about what to cook tonight? Have a look at our list of sauce, olive oil and vinegar and see if you can get some inspiration!

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Maggie Beer Aged Red Wine Vinegar

This Red Wine Vinegar is aged in old oak barrels resulting in an austere, developed red wine vinegar style, harnessing the best of both quality Australian wine and traditional European processing methods. As with wine, vinegar softens over time if unopened. Also like wine, once opened it will slowly oxidise so don't save it for best, hop into it!
Serving Suggestion

Maggie uses her Aged Red Wine Vinegar daily with salads. To give you a guide, use 4 parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil to 1 part Aged Red Wine Vinegar. Try deglazing a pan with Aged Red Wine Vinegar particularly after cooking liver for a quick sauce. Drizzle Aged Red Wine Vinegar over baking vegetables. Add a dash of Aged Red Wine Vinegar to hare, venison or goat dishes at the end of cooking, or just a little to liven up a soup or pasta.

Vol: 375ml