It all began when founding father Jan-Léonard Moortgat established the Moortgat brewery-farm together with his wife in 1871. Around the turn of the century, Moortgat was one of the over 3000 breweries operating in Belgium. The First World War brought Belgium into contact with England and consequently with English Ales, which were quite popular at the time. Inspired by the style of these English Ales, Albert, the son of Jan-Léonard, decided to create a special beer based on the English style.


In 1923 the production of Duvel began with just a few crates. Today, Duvel is enjoyed literally worldwide (in over 60 countries) by countless beer lovers. The beer is still brewed with profound respect according to the original recipe and maturation time.

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A classic well-hopped beer, fruity and exceptionally aromatic with unique flavour. Well balanced in depth and complexity.


Style: Golden Ale

Vol: 330ml

ABV: 8.5%