Gin Mare with FREE 1724 Tonic Set

Gin Mare is authentically Mediterranean, infusing 4 unique botanicals: Arbequina olives, basil, rosemary and thyme alongside the more traditional ones. A lightness is created by the citrus and basil with a savoury olive undertone.

ABV: 42.7%
Vol: 700 ml


The essence of 1724 Tonic Water has its origins in the Andes, on the mythical Inca Trail. This is not by chance. This is where quinine was discovered. There, this ingredient gains the authenticity of a product with roots in the region that go back hundreds of years. At 1724 metres above sea level. Not a metre above or below.

Vol: 200ml


1 Bottle of Gin Mare 700ml

4 Bottles of 1724 Tonic Water 200ml

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