The summer of 1940 was glorious in more ways than one. It was unusually hot, with what should have been day after day of unbroken blue skies. Those skies however writhed with white contrails as Britain and her airforce desperately fought for her survival against overwhelming odds. The young men who perspired in the hop fields of Kent would frequently take a break from their labours to watch their fellow young countrymen fight and die for mastery of the air above their heads.

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Spitfire Amber Kentish Ale English Bitter

Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale is the biggest ale success story of the last decade. Originally brewed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, its characteristically Kentish, hoppy flavour and risque advertising campaign has made it a firm favourite with beer lovers.

Style: Bitter
ABV: 4.5%
Vol: 500ml