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To us at Siren, we see great beer as many see fine wines. In a great beer there is Allure – something that draws you in, is it the aroma? the look? Or just the thought about what awaits in that sparkling glass in front of you. Siren Craft Brew want you to look at beer in the same way. Yes it can be that perfect thirst quencher on a hot summers days, yes it can be the perfect drink to mark the end of a busy week. But look closer, smell closer, there is more. Much more.


Our desire is to discover ways to excite people’s curiosity and share our knowledge of our craft. We believe all beer drinkers should be able to enjoy craft beer as wine drinkers enjoy the finest wines.


Our sirens exist to the share our message and open people’s minds.

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Siren Maiden 2016 Barrel Aged Barleywine

On Wednesday 8th February we held our annual Maiden blending day, where we brought together all of the aged barley wine and fresh beer to create the final beer that will stand before you in bottles this year. We eventually settled on a blend that contains 16.66% fresh Maiden, 8.33% Armagnac, 8.33% Banyuls, 8.33% Heaven Hill, 41.66% Red Wine and 16.66% Rum. Guests on the day included some of the Wild Beer Co and HonestBrew team.

It’s an interesting blend, containing some of the most aged beer in the brewery (barrels include 007, 008, 011 and 016). It’s also using far less fresh Maiden than last year, and a very high percentage that has been drawn from red wine barrels. You’ll find out why when you taste it!

Style: Barley Wine 
Vol: 375ml
ABV: 11.2%