The Brussels couple of modest means who gave birth on the 24th of June 1790 to the young Jean-Baptiste little suspected that they would become the parents of a talented figure destined to make a mark on the world.
His grandparents were farmers, so it was not simply down to chance that in around 1811, shortly after turning twenty and following extensive travels, the young Fleming left Belgium and went to live in France, in the fertile region of Saumur.
Jean Baptiste Ackerman, who had already learned all the secrets of champagne devised in the 18th century by the Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon, chose Saumur quite deliberately.
He chose Saumur firstly because of its favourable geological characteristics: the Saumur area, with its chalky soil dominated by tuffeau limestone, gives wines a natural tendency to develop effervescence; but it was also a combination of many other favourable factors such as the presence of waterways to facilitate transport and easy links with Touraine for supplying wine and a large workforce.
So it was that this fervent believer in the sciences and horticulture with a strong sense of commerce and business became the establisher in Saumur of the traditional method and the founder of the eponymous Ackerman company.

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Ackerman Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie 2014

Ackerman's fresh and fruity premium wines are affordable, pleasant to drink and innovative. Its great typicity and prestige of a brand secures its position around the globe over the past 200 years.
All the grapes are harvested in Muscadet Sevre et Maines area. The wine remains on its lees for minimum 6 months to develop crisp, mineral and citrus notes. Pale yellow color. Distinctive mineral aromas with white flower on the nose. Dry yet refreshing in the mouth with citrus, lime aromas and a crisp lively finish on mineral notes.
Pair with shellfish, seafood and goat cheese.

Varietal: Melon de Bourgogne
Vintage: 2014
ABV: 12%
Vol: 750ml

Ackerman Pouilly Fume 2013

Ackerman's fresh and fruity premium wines are affordable, pleasant to drink and innovative. Its great typicity and prestige of a brand secures its position around the globe over the past 200 years.
A remarkable crispness and concentration. The aromatic expression is intense. Well balanced, they are delicate with aromas of white flowers and fresh citrus. They are enhanced by subtle and mineral notes. Pouilly Fumé 2013 are a great harmony of freshness.
It magnifies saltwater fish grilled or roasted, the Saint-Jacques or otherwise only as an aperitif.

Varietal: Pouilly Fume
Vintage: 2013
ABV: 12%
Vol: 750ml

Ackerman Touraine Sauvignon 2012

All the grapes are carefully selected and harvested in the Touraine region, next to the Sancerre area, from vineyards planted on limestone and siliceous soils. The combination of this exceptional terroir and temperate climate produces crisp and mineral sauvignon blanc with a unique character.

Colour: Pale yellow colour with green hues.
Nose: Floral aromas, boxwood, blackcurrant bud on the nose.
Palate: Aromas of fresh grapefruit, passion fruits. Dry, crisp and clean with an enjoyable minerality. A long refreshing and mouth watering finish on flinty notes.

Food pairing: It matches beautifully oysters, seafood, fishes, poultry and cheeses.

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2012
ABV: 12%
Vol: 750ml

$142.00 $128.00
Ackerman, X-Noir Rose Brut 750ml NV

X-Noir Rose Brut NV, is made of 100% Pinot d’Aunis (or Chenin Noir) - an unique ancient red grape, which almost came to an extinction, is revived and return in this eccentric bottle! Chenin Noir has no relation with Pinot Noir or Chenin Blanc, so we call it "X-NOIR”, with its mysterious black bottle to remind that the grape variety dates back to the dark mists of time.. 
Bright pink label symbolises the renaissance and wild character of Chenin Noir. Silver foil offers an elegant and chic touch. Steady fine bubbles with natural pale pink colour. Distinctively white pepper, raspberry, cherry aromas which are very unique to this rare variety. Lively, well balanced with fruity and white peppery dry finish on the palate.

Style: Sparkling
Grape: Chenin Noir
Vol: 750ml
ABV: 11%