Maison Nicolas Perrin

Maison Les Alexandrins is the natural evolution of the former Maison Nicolas Perrin. The wines of Maison Les Alexandrins are the natural extension of all the work undertaken at the estate. More modern in its approach, with a more contemporary style, it also proposes a more varied palette of Northern Rhone wines. This range is our invitation to the world to look at and interpret the traditions of the Northern Rhone Valley from a new perspective. We offer a style that is both contemporary and timeless, based on the exceptional terroirs discovered by Alexandre Caso, the specialist in the terroirs of the Northern Rhone Valley, with eight references that embody a thoroughly up-to-date classicism.

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Maison Nicolas Perrin, Crozes-Hermitage 2014, Syrah, Rhone, France

The history of Ermitage is very old and according to a number of books it goes back to the Romans (500 years before Christ). The local legend relates the story of an 18th century knight who, returning from a crusade, built a chapel at the top of a hill and lived there like a hermit, hence the name Ermitage. Returning from a trip to Ermitage in 1787, Thomas Jefferson, the American Ambassador in France, declared his admiration for this white wine “the best wine in the world, with no equal”. His comments on the red wines were just as praising “Full-bodied, dark purple with exquisite flavours."

Varietal: Syrah
 Vintage: 2014
 ABV: 13%
 Vol: 750ml