Clemens Busch

Clemens Busch is an iconic Riesling producer based in Punderich, Mosel, Germany. Clemens Busch has become one of the selected members of VDP, a new in-house classification defining German wines by quality, not by the sweetness level. VDP divides into 4 quality levels, namely, “Grosse Lage” (Great Growth), “Erste Lage” (First Growth), “Ortswein” (Village wine), “Gutswein” (Regional wine). Clemens’ specialty lies in “GROSSES GEWACHS” - GG, which is a dry wine from the top growth ‘Grosse Lage’.
Each wine from individual parcel reflects the unique soil type and its micro-climate.
Clemens Busch is a certified organic wine estate, with biodynamic viticulture.

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Clemens Busch, Marienburg Trocken GG VDP. GROSSE LAGE "Falkenlay" 750ml 2014

The 2014 Riesling GG Falkenlay shows a very clear and elegant, quite open bouquet of highly ripe but healthy Riesling flavors along with marjoram aromas. Round and elegant on the palate, very pure and delicate with a gentle minerality that is remarkably persistent but never loud, this is Busch's most sensual and finesse-full dry Riesling with a very long finish. Perfectly balanced and intense, there is no need to store this beauty, but some will want to do so. Don't buy bottles, buy cases, because you will always drink a bottle of it from time to time.

Variety: Riesling 
Vol: 750ml
ABV: 12.5%

Clemens Busch, Marienburg VDP. Grosse Lage Spatlese 750ml 2014

100% Riesling (Sweet White) A sweet and ripe tropical fruit aroma intertwined with flinty flavors and hints of honey leads the 7% alcohol 2013 Marienburg Riesling Spätlese  to a rich and juicy, well-concentrated, almost velvety textured sweet palate (thanks to its generous botrytis fruit), which is structured by a delicate acidity and the stimulating piquancy in the finish, revealing a really nice and animating grip. There is no need (though enough potential) to store this excellent Spätlese for more than 20 years

Style: Sweet White
Grape: Riesling
Vol: 750ml
ABV: 7.5%

Clemens Busch, Pundericher VDP. Ortswein Kabinett 750ml 2015

100% Riesling (Medium Dry White) Citrus grapefruit, peach, floral notes are well-balanced with high acidity. Particularly, high acidity brings your appetite up and sweetness is well presented with riper fruits than typical Kabinett.

Style: Medium Dry White
Grape: Riesling
Vol: 750ml