Angostura Bitters

"Within lies the history of a great product Angostura aromatic bitters; a product that has withstood the test of time, has remained a secret formula, has affected trade policies through its reclassification initiatives, and is today known as "the taste that flavors the world"

Angostura Bitters is made from a secret blend of rare tropical herbs and spices. 

It is said to contain over forty ingredients, and was developed in 1824 by Surgeon General Dr. J. Siegert who spent 4 years devising the recipe that would improve the appetites and well-being of his troops.

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Angostura Aromatic Bitters

Made with the same original secret recipe since 1824, the world famous Angostura® aromatic bitters remains the quintessential and definitive ingredient for classic and contemporary cocktails. Its versatility, however, stretches way beyond the bar counter as it serves as a unique flavour enhancer with the ability to marry flavours in the preparation of all food dishes. Angostura® aromatic bitters also adds its unmistakable flavour and aroma to 'soft' beverages and desserts.


Style: Aromatic

ABV: 44.7%

Vol: 200ml