BTW Bermondsey

Over 250 years on from William Hogarth’s grim depiction of profligate gin consumption, happy days are here again as London enjoys a gin renaissance with numerous small distilleries springing up all over town. While some connoisseurs take their delicately crafted spirit neat, I prefer a dash of tonic water, but was never a fan of the chemically enhanced yellow-label varieties which overwhelmed the taste of the gin. I recently discovered Mother’s Ruin’s new BF: BTW. Bermondsey Tonic Water is handcrafted in small batches derived from a Victorian recipe containing an infusion of natural ingredients, including cinchona bark quinine. Developed last year exclusively for basement cocktail bar 214 Bermondsey, it comes only in concentrated form, with a premixed version available soon. Add 25ml to the gin and top with soda water; it gives your drink a golden hue, tastes amazing and is miles better than the alternative.


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BTW Tonic Syrup

~Borne of a passion for quality spirits, traditional methods and a super tasty beverage, BTW is the UK's first handcrafted tonic syrup ~

~ A recipe comprising only four ingredients, and with absolutely no artifical preservatives or colours, BTW has been designed to complement the flavour of your chosen spirit, without the over powering bitter-sweet aspect found in commercially available tonics  ~

~ Made with naturally occurring Quinine, from the bark of the Cinchona tree, BTW is left part filtered for a smoother and more authentic taste ~

~ A tonic for tradition, for those concerned with provenance and above all else, for those who want to enjoy their spirit as was intended by the distiller~

Vol: 500ml