Do you only sell online?

We have a brick-and-mortar store in Sai Kung, at GF, 114 Man Nin Street.


How should I store the beer?

Keep it out of the sun, out of the heat, and out of fluorescent lights. Damaged beers don't taste as good - some beers may even get a bit funky. 


I can't make up my mind! Which beers should I get?

Yes there are quite a few beers here, and if you don't mind our two-cents worth, we can recommend the right beers for you - just email us what you normally like, and what style of beers you'd like to try!! Or better still, join our beer club!!


What is The Bottle Shop Beer Club? 

For details, click here


How can I buy a gift for someone?

We can offer recommendations if you like, just email us. Alternatively, you can place an order on which beers you'd like, and comment under 'Special Requests' that it is a gift when you checkout, and we will include any special messages you may have in a complimentary gift card. 


Do you supply for parties?

Yes, contact us directly and let's start planning. We have both bottles and kegs.


Do you accept returns?

A lot of our products are fragile, therefore we don't accept returns. 


What is your motto?

We subscribe to "drink quality and not quantity."


Do you have VIP groups?

Yes we do. VIP members are given discounts on all beers. 

There are two types of VIP members:

(1) During the months that you are subscribed to the Hong Kong Beer Club, you will be part of the VIP membership.

(2) We have special VIP members enlisted at our discretion.