English Whisky

English whisky is whisky produced in England. There are currently at least six distilleries producing English whisky. Though England is not very well known for making whisky there were distillers previously operating in London, Liverpool and Bristol until the late 19th century, after which production of English single malt whisky ceased until 2003.

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Classic English Single Malt Whisky

Classic English Single Malt Whisky

An unpeated single malt from the English Whisky Company, produced at the St. George's Distillery in Norfolk - a fine place to start if you're interested in exploring English whisky.

Nose: Light, fresh and fragrant. Sweet, soft, slightly spicy and welcoming. Gentle vanilla, fruity with hints of tropical fruits ( lime zest, mango, dried apricots). Fresh cut grass.  Slightly nutty with a hint of marzipan. Like a soft whipped vanilla ice cream.

Taste: Melts on the palate. Smooth but with a with a slight peppery spice tingle on the tongue. Fresh wood and vanilla, again with tropical fruits. Slightly nutty with a long malty finish. Finish is clean, dry and slightly salty.

Vol: 700ml
ABV: 43%