Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky, often simply called Scotch, is malt whisky or grain whisky made in Scotland. Scotch whisky must be made in a manner specified by law.


All Scotch whisky was originally made from malted barley. Commercial distilleries began introducing whisky made from wheat and rye in the late 18th century. Scotch whisky is divided into five distinct categories: single malt Scotch whisky, single grain Scotch whisky, blended malt Scotch whisky (formerly called "vatted malt" or "pure malt"), blended grain Scotch whisky, and blended Scotch whisky. 


All Scotch whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. Any age statement on a bottle of Scotch whisky, expressed in numerical form, must reflect the age of the youngest whisky used to produce that product. A whisky with an age statement is known as guaranteed-age whisky.


The first written mention of Scotch whisky is in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, 1495. A friar named John Cor was the distiller at Lindores Abbey in the Kingdom of Fife. 


Many Scotch whisky drinkers will refer to a unit for drinking as a dram.

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Benrinnes Connoisseur's Choice 1998 Single Malt

A 17 year old from the Connoisseur's Choice range, this single malt underwent Benrinnes 'partial triple distillation', being distilled as it was in 1991and bottled by Gordon and MacPhail.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt


The nose is quite rich and clean. There is a good degree of tasted cereal notes, malt extract and juicy barley. There are notes of golden syrup and rum with spice and white pepper. A delicate smoke rises with elegance. The palate is quite full and rich with a solid sweetness. The cereal notes are juicy and sugary with manuka honey and notes of wafting smoke and heather roots. The finish is quite spicy and full of barley.


ABV: 43%

Vol: 700ml

Compass Box - The Spice Tree

The award winning malt whisky is back. Aged on heavy toasted, new French oak sourced from 195 year-old Vosges forests. The nose suggests clove, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. The palate is full, round and sweet, with the spice and vanilla following and complimenting the core distillery characters. 

ABV: 46%
Vol: 700ml

Compass Box Great King Street - Artist’s Blend

We believe it is time for the world to take a fresh look at Blended Scotch Whisky, and that is why we have created Great King Street. Artist's Blend is a marriage of robust, complex Highland malt whiskies and delicate Lowland grain.
The style is rich, round and fruity with hints of toasty oak, vanilla and spice. Artist's Blend is perfect for drinking neat, with a splash of water or with ice. You can also enjoy Artist's Blend with soda water as a classic Highball, or in all manner of cocktails.

ABV: 43%
Vol: 700ml

Glenfarclas 12yr Highland Single Malt

Colour: Vibrant amber-gold.


Nose: Fresh and beautifully light, sherried fruit combined with a tempting spicy sweetness and a hint of sappy oak. 


Flavour: Full bodied, delightful sherried fruit, with oak, a hint of peat and delicious sweet sensations. 


Finish: Long and flavoursome, with a lingering spiceness. 


Comment: An excellent introduction to the distillery style. Glenfarclas means Glen of the Green Grassland, and the freshness on the nose reminds me of grassland in spring. So, for me, this is the ‘farclas’ aroma. In 2006 this was named the ‘Best Sherried Whisky’ in the Single Malt World Cup. More recently Glenfarclas 12 Years Old won Gold at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival in 2007 and again in 2008.


ABV: 43%

Vol: 700ml

Glengoyne 10 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Fresh green apples, toffee and a hint of nuttiness. This is the taste of distilling slower than anyone else in Scotland, of barley we dry by air – never peat – and of oak casks we select by hand. Just as we’ve always done.


ABV: 40%

Vol: 700ml

Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Quarter Cask

Laphroaig Quarter Cask offers an irresistible doubling of flavour, due to the double maturation in two barrels made of American oak. Still-maturing whisky from our standard ex-bourbon barrels is transferred to quarter casks and left to rest in our warehouse just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic shore.


This process represents Laphroaig breathing new life into a once-defunct tradition: the use of the smaller cask size, which ensures increased contact with the oak, creating a soft and velvety edge to complement Laphroaig’s distinctive peatiness.


On the nose the sensation is toffee and caramel, caused by the vanillas and tannins of the American oak, plus a dryness from the wood oil. The finish is long and alternates between this sweetness and smoke.


ABV: 48%

Vol: 700ml

Pig's Nose Blended Scotch Whisky

This exceptional blended Scotch whisky has been created for us by Richard Patterson, Scotland’s only third-generation Master Blender. The backbone of this whisky is Invergordon grain whisky, acknowledged as one of the highest quality and lightest grain whiskies in Scotland, which has been aged in fresh oak barrels for five years and above. This is complemented by five first-class single malts – three from Speyside, one from the Highlands and one from Islay. 

Vol: 700 ml
ABV: 40%

Springbank 15yr Campbeltown Single Malt

Like a storm gathering of the Kintyre coast, dark and ominous, yet tastes so good. The richness comes from the high percentage of sherry casks used in maturation. This is a truly classic Springbank, best enjoyed after dinner, or with your favourite cigar.


Nose: Sherry, dark chocolate, christmas cake, almonds, toffee and oak.

Palate: Creamy, raisins, dark chocolate, figs, marzipan, brazil nuts and vanilla.

Finish: Oak and sherry notes sustain, mingling with hints of leather.

100% sherry cask


ABV: 46%

Vol: 700ml

Suntory Kaku Highball Can 160ml

Style: Highball
ABV: 8%
Vol: 160ml

The Glencairn Whisky Cut Glass - Crystal Cut

This is an elegant crystal version of the iconic Glencairn Glass. 
The Glencairn glass is a glass specifically for the whisky drinker. It size and shape has been perfected to accommodate a 35ml pour, allowing for addition of water but keeping an optimum amount of liquid in contact with air to allow the aromas to develop. The tapering mouth allows for an ease of drinking whilst capturing the all-important aromas. The wide crystal bowl enhances the appreciation of the whisky's colour whilst the solid base is designed to be easy in the hand but robust enough for the discerning regular whisky drinker. 
Since its launch in 2001 the glass has won numerous awards including the Queens Award for Innovation.